Hello Barbie Lawsuit

Are you aware of the potential security nightmare known as Hello Barbie which may put your families privacy and security at risk?

Researchers recently discovered how easy it was to access the information stored inside the Hello Barbie doll which includes:

  • >Recorded MP3's of conversations
  • >SSID of connected networks and encrypted passwords
  • >Cloud and server information to control the doll

If you believe your child's information may have been stolen by hackers while playing with the doll, or while visiting a friends house, or you believe your home or office network may have been compromised due to software flaws, you may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit.

The lawyers at the Abbott Law Group, P.A. are investigating the need for a class action lawsuit, and we are offering free consultations to individuals or family members who believe they may have been affected.

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The Abbott Law Group, P.A. is investigating the need for a possible class action lawsuit due to privacy issues and security vulnerabilities related to the Hello Barbie doll. 

How the Hello Barbie Works

hello barbie class action lawsuitHello Barbie is a collaboration between Mattel and ToyTalk which uses a microphone to record your child’s voice, then send the data over WiFi to be stored on ToyTalk’s hard drives.  An internet server then using artificial intelligence analyzes the words spoken using speech recognition software and attempt to play back an appropriate response.

This may seem like a childhood dream for some parents who wished their toys would speak back to them, but Hello Barbie may have any number of security vulnerabilities which would make it possible for hackers, thieves, or worse to compromise the doll.

Potential Vulnerabilities discovered by Researchers

hello barbie hackedLike other wireless devices such as smart light bulbs and tea kettles that come out of the factory with very little security features, the Hello Barbie’s default WiFi setup may include passwords or encryption to connect the device to the network, but the method used may not be up to par with modern technology. 

This could be potentially risky as all it would take would be a hacker with a closer proximity or signal strength than the SSID of the router it is connected to.  This would be considered a man in the middle attack.   The Hello Barbie would be routed to connect to the internet through the hacker’s device while the hacker could be potentially listening in on a conversation or recording the information that is being sent back and forth from the server.

If a hacker is able to remotely connect to the doll, they may also be able to remotely update the firmware included with the Hello Barbie to change how the doll functions and behaves.  Under the most frightening scenarios, hackers may be able to not only listen in on the conversations but also respond.  Researchers recently revealed that it is possible to "put a new brain" in Barbie and change the servers she connects to. 

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We have a team of lawyers at the Abbott Law Group who specialize in electornic discovery and technology-based litigation.  Our team has experience in the past handling lawsuits in the past which involved privacy invasion from intruders compromising WiFi baby monitors.  Many other smart toys were released in the last year which were recently hacked and we’re concerned about the privacy and safety children.   If your Hello Barbie is acting suspiciously or appears to have been hacked or compromised we would like to hear from you.  Our lawyers offer free consultations while we investigate the need for a possible class action lawsuit in connection with the privacy concerns surrounding the Hello Barbie and the methods it uses to communicate over the internet.